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Which Digital Marketing Services Should You Use For Your Business?

Marketing, Search Engine Optimization | by Neil Andrew

Promoting your business online can often be a tricky venture. With so many digital marketing services available, businesses can often be spoilt for choice. Deciding whether you should invest your money in SEO, AdWords or Facebook ads can be a tough decision, but luckily we’re here to help!

In this post, we’re taking a look at the most common digital marketing services out there and which offer the best return on your spend. With a range of various services and strategies to choose from, we’ve got a lot to cover!

So in no particular order, here are some of the most popular and effective digital marketing services businesses use today.

Search Engine Optimisation

seo typed into a search enginge

  • Requires a continual investment
  • Offers fantastic ROI in the long run
  • Not ideal for all industries
  • Takes around 3 months to start seeing results

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short, is by far one of the most popular digital marketing services. Not only does it generate laser targeted organic visitors, but you can also get amazing returns on your investment. Unlike the other methods covered on this list, SEO can be a tricky one.

SEO requires constant work in order to improve your rankings. If you don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself, then the chances are you’ll have to employ somebody to do it for you. This means you’ll be spending money every month on SEO with the expectation of seeing results within 3 months.

One of the major benefits of SEO is that it offers a high ROI. If you’re in the right industry with little to no competition then you can quickly climb the ranks and drive traffic to your website. You might be paying someone £500+ a month do your SEO but you could easily be bringing in 10 times that.

As much as everyone would like to be number 1 on Google for their chosen search term, it’s not always possible. If an industry is very saturated and has lots of competitors, then even breaking onto the first page of Google can be tricky. In the previous example, a business would most likely be better using AdWords or Facebook ads to drive traffic to their website.

Content Marketing

content marketing logo

  • Requires an excellent content writer
  • Allows you to engage with customers easier
  • Suitable for almost any industry
  • Great way to get your business exposure

Similar to SEO marketing, content marketing involves writing articles about topics in your industry to engage with customers. By producing high-quality content to put on your blog, this attracts potential customers who are interested in your products or services. As simple as it sounds, there is a bit more to it than that. Not only do you have to write content in a way that Google understands, but you also have to make readers love it. Combining the two different writing styles can be tricky, but that’s where copywriters come into play.

The chances are you won’t have the experience or time to write several blog posts every week. So in order to speed things up and get good results, you’ll most likely need to hire a copywriter to help out. Not only will they write the content for you, but most of the time they’ll put it on your website as well.

When used in conjunction with SEO, content marketing can deliver exceptional results. With the ability to increase the number of keywords you are targeting and increase your exposure, content marketing is ideal for almost any business. If you want to build a long-term digital marketing strategy that will attract visitors for years to come, then content marketing should be the foundation. Writing “evergreen” posts means you only need to invest the time writing posts once and they’ll still be relevant in years to come.

There’s a reason why content marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing services today; it delivers steady and predictable growth which equals more profit.

Google AdWords

google adwords



  • Instant results
  • Huge reach
  • Can be very costly
  • Can be subject to fraud

Sometimes when it comes to digital marketing, you often need fast results. Not everyone has the patience to sit around and wait for a few months to see how their SEO campaign is doing. Instead, they need traffic and sales as soon as possible. When it comes to getting traffic fast, there’s nothing faster than using Google AdWords.

If you’ve done a Google search recently, then you’ve probably noticed all the adverts at the top of the page. These ads have been paid for by individual companies and businesses to promote themselves. By appearing at the top of the search results, it dramatically increases the chances that users will click on them. Known as paid advertising, this platform allows businesses to reach millions upon millions of different users. Setup time can take a few minutes to write an ad and submit it for approval, but after that it’s just a matter of monitoring and adjusting your spend.

If you’re in a competitive industry and want to jump to the top without spending months on SEO, then AdWords is your best bet. Although it can be expensive depending on the keywords targeted, as long as you optimise your campaigns accordingly, it is relatively easy to produce a return on your investment.

The only downside to AdWords is that for specific industries such as insurance, finance and mortgages, it can be extremely expensive to run. In addition to this, there is also a high rate of fraud when it comes to users clicking on the ads. If you’re in a competitive market then there’s a good chance your competitors will be clicking on your ads to cost you money. Not only will this increase your cost per conversion, but it will also reduce your return on investment. If you can’t afford to lose a bit of your budget, then you’re probably better off investing it in SEO.

Facebook Ads

facebook ad example

  • Great for engagement with users
  • Cheaper than others forms of PPC
  • Visual ads allowed
  • Hard to target users

Similar to Google AdWords is Facebook ads. Although they run on 2 entirely different platforms, the overall idea is the same. You pay Facebook to display your ads on their website and every click you receive, you pay them money.

However, unlike AdWords, Facebook allows users to interact with your ads giving them the option to like and even comment on them. This can be both a positive and negative thing. Obviously, you want people commenting and saying how great the product or service is, but at the same time an influx of negative comments can put people off. Luckily Facebook has a selection of different ad formats which means you can turn them off if required.

If you’re in a competitive industry and are finding the AdWords prices too expensive to run a campaign, then Facebook ads are a great alternative. Not only do they allow you to display visual ads, but they also offer a range of unique ad formats.

Although it sounds like a great alternative to AdWords, there are however, a few downsides. The major downside is that is can be hard to target specific users. Unlike Facebook that relies on keywords the user enters to display ads, Facebook doesn’t. Instead, you have to target your audience by selecting their demographic from a huge list of options. This might increase the likelihood of getting a potential customer, but it’s nowhere near as accurate as using keywords.

Email Marketing

email marketing logo

  • Very low-cost method of digital marketing
  • Subscribers are very likely to open and read your message
  • Reach is only as big as your email list
  • Can be challenging to get new subscribers

The next digital marketing service on our list is email marketing. This strategy can be confusing for some people but highly profitable for others. Thanks to its low cost and high conversion rate, sending emails to potential customers is a great way to increase your sales.

Sometimes users won’t be ready to buy from you straight away and will require more information about your service or product. Getting them to sign up to your email list so you can remind them later is a great way to turn them into a paying customer. By emailing them every now and then with your latest products, offers and sales, it’s fairly easy to turn an interested user into a conversion.

The downside of email marketing is that your reach is only as big as your email list. If you have 100 subscribers on your mailing list then you only have 100 potential customers. Of course, not all of them will convert so you’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 conversions. The only way to grow your sales and increase your profits from email marketing would be to grow your subscriber list. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

Most people are reluctant to sign up to a mailing list as they will be worried about being spammed. Although it’s a valid concern, there are ways to get around this. By giving users something of value in exchange for their email, this is a great way to get people to sign up to your list.

Video Marketing

man holding video recorder

  • Great from advertising and showing off products/services
  • Can cost a lot to get a good video produced
  • Possible to achieve a high rank in Google with the right strategy
  • Won’t generate as much traffic as content marketing / SEO

The last digital marketing service on our list that businesses should consider is video marketing. With online media websites such as YouTube taking off during the mid 00’s, more and more businesses are now turning to online videos to promote their products and services. Unlike written content, video content is usually a lot more engaging and grabbing. With the ability to show off your product or service in front of millions of online users, video marketing can be a great source of traffic for your website.

Since Google often likes to promote their own services, if you use websites such as YouTube to host your content then you could also receive an SEO boost. If you optimise your video with the right keywords and title, then there’s also a good chance it will appear in the search engine rankings too.

The downside of video marketing is most certainly the cost and time to create videos. If you want to look professional and serious then you need to invest money into production. Filming something on your phone might sound like a great low-cost idea, but the reality is the results will be less than great.

Since first impressions always count, it’s best to get your videos produced professionally. Although this could cost you several hundred pounds to produce, it’s a great form of online advertising to have in your arsenal.

Still Struggling to Find The Perfect Service?

Now you know what the best digital marketing services available are, it can be still hard to make the right choice. With lots of money on the line, making sure it’s a successful campaign and you get a good return is crucial.

If you need help decide on which digital marketing service you invest in then don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here at Piccana, we’ve helped businesses from all over the world increase their online exposure and drive more traffic to their website. Contact us below to see how we can help you enter the world of digital marketing.

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