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Website Audits

Trying to get a client to the number one spot can be a problem for many digital marketing agencies.

If you’re struggling to understand why your client isn’t ranking for a specific keyword, then our website audits will give you clear and actionable advice.

Our full website audits give you a complete overview of your clients on page SEO and any weaknesses that are harming your rankings. From missing alt text tags to unoptimised headings, our website audit examines every page on your website to ensure you have all the key ranking factors checked.

All website audits are available in Excel and PDF format with clear instructions on how to fix the problems we’ve found. Simply follow the instructions in the files and you’ll see a noticeable increase in your client’s rankings.

Our website auditing services are available on a per project basis.

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Technical SEO Audit

With Google’s algorithm becoming more and more advanced, it’s becoming crucial that businesses make their website as crawlable as possible.

If your client has a problem with Google crawling their website, then they could disappear off the SERPS overnight.

If you think Google is having trouble indexing and reading your client’s website, then you need our technical SEO audit service. Unlike our website audit, this audit focuses specifically on how Google crawls and reads your website.

By examining your client’s website, we can see if there are any factors that might be causing a decrease in rankings.

The most common technical SEO issues include things such as broken internal links, duplicate content, and low text to HTML ratios. If your client’s site happens to have any of these issues, then they’ll all be flagged in our technical SEO audit.

All technical SEO reports are delivered in Excel and PDF format with step by step instructions on how to fix the issues. By following the instructions and fixing the problems, Google will be able to crawl the website much easier, which means better rankings!

Our technical auditing services are available on a per project basis.

How it Works

  • You sell auditing & reporting services to your client under your own brand.

  • Your client pays you for our auditing & reporting services with your markup added on.

  • You pay us for the work completed at our agreed rate.

  • We deliver the work branded as you, giving you all the credit.

Link Audit

Has your client experienced a negative SEO attack from a competitor? Restore their rankings with our link audit service.

Defending a client from negative SEO attacks can often be a challenge. With so many competitors out there wanting to destroy your client’s rankings, it’s not unusual to experience an influx of bad links.

With so many automated tools out there, almost anyone can launch a negative SEO attack in minutes. To defend yourself and clients from this type of attack, you need to be reviewing any new backlinks regularly.

Having dealt with hundreds of negative SEO attacks for clients in the past, we know all the dirty tricks that competitors like to try. With our link audit service, we’ll review all of your clients backlinks to ensure Google only sees the good links.

Any blackhat or spam links will be noted for you to place in your clients disavow file. With some websites having hundreds of thousands of backlinks, save your valuable time with our link auditing service.

Our link auditing services are available on a per project basis.

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