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Rewarding & Fun

We are extremely proud of the work we do and the results we achieve but it wouldn’t be possible without our highly valued and talented team. Starting your career with Piccana can be a rewarding start to a new chapter in your life. You’ll spend around 21% of your life at work (not counting the hours you’re asleep) so it’s important you enjoy what you do. Our company is always looking for enthusiastic and skilled technophiles so check out our vacancies to find out what we’re currently looking for.

Here at Piccana we provide high quality marketing with excellent customer service across 4 continents – We believe the Piccana office is an exciting and dynamic place to work. Don’t just take our word for it though, get in touch with some of our current team members and see what they have to say.

Why choose us?

An Honest Approach

  • Work Smart

    It’s not about working hard – It’s about working smart.

    Control your own work times and plan your own regular breaks. All of our employees are in control of their own work habits because nobody knows you better.

  • Work Globally

    The world is your stage.

    You’ll get the chance to work with businesses from all over the world. We currently have clients from four different continents, across many countries, languages and cultures.

  • Creative Marketing

    Think outside the box.

    Our office promotes creativity and our out of the box marketing methods deliver excellent results. You’ll quickly become a free thinker and create some of the best masterpieces working here.

  • Real Honesty

    No legacy is so rich as honesty.

    We don’t like BS. We don’t hard sell and we don’t force unnecessary services to the wrong people. Our honest marketing approach gives our clients the best results and it’s important all of our employees follow this philosophy.

  • Excellent Teamwork

    None of us is as smart as all of us.

    As a global business we need to have all our employees working together. Our team not only become colleagues but also great friends who enjoy working together to provide an excellent service to our valued customers.

  • Self Control

    The main factor behind success is self control.

    With no censorship or targets working at Piccana can feel slightly confusing. You lay your own path and it’s important that you have the skills to work efficiently and effectively without someone breathing down your neck.

What we'll do for you

Employee Benefits

  • 6.5 Hour Workday

    Work is a part of your life but it doesn’t have to be your life. We’re proud to be one of the only companies in the U.K. which operates a 32.5 hour work week for all of our employees while still competing at the top level.

  • 33 Days Paid Holiday

    U.K. law dictates that all companies offer their employees 28 paid holiday per year – We offer an entire work week more than this. That’s an extra week to sit at home and watch Netflix, do the gardening, take a trip to Italy or just sleep.

  • Free Snacks & Drinks

    Our office fridge is kept regularly stocked with drinks and snacks which are available to all of our employees. This includes fresh fruit, sweets, fizzy drinks, water, tea, coffee and even biscuits! We even take suggestions on what to stock.

  • Social Events

    No silly – Not social media. Real social events! We want to encourage team building by taking our entire team out for go karting or an adventure day somewhere exciting. We also have an eSports team and are open to sports events after work.

  • Total Trust

    We won’t block any websites or ports which gives you free access to social media and games. We expect you to take regular breaks and we aren’t going to punish you if we find you on YouTube – as long as the work gets done to the high standard we expect.

  • Flexistart

    Every employee is unique and there isn’t a start time that works for everyone. At Piccana we allow you to choose your start time between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM which benefits the early risers as well as the not so morning people.

  • Deskoration Budget

    More than just a terrible pun on decorating your desk we provide all of our employees with a £20 spend to decorate your desk however you like. This creates a cultured office where no two desks are the same – we love adding a little personality!

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We’re always looking for new, talented people to join our team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Head on over to our vacancies page to find out more.

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